Thursday, July 19, 2012

Religious Nuts Exposed: Predictions about Obama

The Westboro Baptist Church (or WBC) is an Independent Baptist “church” known for its extreme stance against homosexuality, other religions, and anything else that tickles their fancy. They are also known for their greatly offensive protest activities against fallen service men/woman and high profile aka popular people. In this special section created for the WBC Cult Exposed we will explore their hateful and distorted “divine” teachings and expose them for what they truly are, a hate group who uses religion for personal power. 

By the Earth Mother, how long has it been since I last sat down and wrote one of these? Must have been at least a couple of months, at the very least. Maybe it's been work that has been keeping me away? Work has been killer with the amount of hours I needed to put into it, many of them off the clock. This or that has been breaking down will this person or that has been causing more problems then good. Maybe it's been my personal life; no never mind I don't have one. Maybe it's just that the WBC really hasn't done anything worth writing about? Sure they still protest funeral and blow more hot air than a balloon, but what's new? They have been doing the same tired crap now for years and it's getting easier and easier to tune out. The WBC just isn't that important anymore. However this coming week changed everything, what is it you wonder? Was it some photoshopped protest? Saying the 1st amendment had holes in it... in Canada? Claiming to be in the UK when they are banned from the country? No, it's something even better!

I for one, welcome our furry overlords...
They warned us you know, they really did...

I hope and pray that this humble blog entry finds everyone well enough, I know these times have been hard on all of us. Ever since the rise of the "Beast Obama" we have all been forced to follow his will and bear his mark. So many people have been slaughtered, and sometimes it seems that not even God can save us. Our once beautiful green Earth, our dearest mother, has been transformed to one of cold hard barren death. Where once plentyful rainwater kissed the planet and gave new life to man and animal like, we now have rain of fire the burns and scars all. How I miss our wonderful forests and the green grass under our feet. Our once grand cities not littered trash heaps of decaying metal and flash. What little remains we cling to in a vain attempt to remember what was, but will never be again... Why oh why did we not heed the wise and every caring words of the WBC when we had the chance? Why did we not heed thier warning about Obama! Why did we not-

Oh wait, that's right, the WBC lies about everything and are full of fail.

As many false prophets in the past have become, so now does Shirley Phelps and the WBC join the ranks of idiots who thought only they knew the will of some god. Just as before, they will be mocked for no only crying wolf, but trying to make themselves look awesome in the process. What am I talking about you ask?
As you may not be aware of, at the inauguration of President Obama, Shirley Phelps (who's twitter account now is blocking everyone) made the announcement the he (Obama) only had three and half years to complete his task as the Anti-Christ. Within this three year period, he was suppose to launch an attack on Israel, destroy the world economy, institute "the mark" and bring forth pain and suffer unlike the world has ever known. In short, the end times. Zombies may or may not be included.

However seeing as we are all alive and kicking; I guess they where wrong.... again. Let me show  you my shocked face... In order to offer up proper proof of the WBC's fail, we at WBC cult exposed spent about twenty minutes fighting with Windows Movie Maker to produce this informational video. Enjoy!

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