Monday, February 18, 2013

Ramblings of a Pagan Guy: Really Fox? Really?

Over the years, I have found that many a person has this strange idea when it comes to the Pagan faiths. It as if, you know as soon as one converts, they [the pagan] are thrown back to the middles ages. People have this rather quirky notion that pots and pans turn into wands and broomsticks, that tables and chair turning to sacrificial altars and stone circles. At best, many people think that once one devotes themselves to the God and Goddess, reality bleeds away is magically replaced with Hogwarts schools and Weasly like houses. At worse, they believe that our God and Goddess are just whores, or the Christian devil. With this miniblog series, it is my hope to not only document my time growing as a Pagan, but to address these and many more misunderstood concepts so that we will be see as people. We are not the demons some people try to make us out to be.

Keeping touch with various liberal and progressive groups on facebook, as well as there respected news sites, I get a lot of stories that make my head hurt. In fact, it's getting to the point where I just want to stop following everything all together. I'm sick of the political undertones, of the opinions being regarded as facts, and anyone with a over sized mouth is automatically right. But until the day when I finally throw up my hands and say to hell with it all, I must press on. After all, being a good red blooded Irish American I can always fancy myself a drink, a love of life, red heads and a good fight.

So we press on. 

When the muse hits me and I write my ramblings for what ever reason, I try to be direct and least insulting as possible, especially when it comes to religion. While having a go with the "elect" members of the WBC, I must know and remember they do not represent all of the followers of Christ. Just like pedophiles, "holy" murders and so on. The moment I forget myself and this, I become no better than them. Do I slip up from time to time? Sure I am only human after all, and to claim perfection on my part would just be stupid. But like I said, I know who the good ones are, who the bads ones are, and never willingly apply the few to the whole.

But you know what really pisses me off? Like "Omg I just my hot topic membership card, I am so Wiccan now." piss me off? When we have grown adults, who are responsible and portray "fair and balanced" aura on national TV, resemble nothing more than a pack of immature children in order to obtain ratings and attention. Honestly if all you are after is cash, then please refrain from calling yourself fair and balanced reporters of the news. But what the hell am I talking about? On February 15th, Fox and Friends aired what contained one the biggest demonstration of ignorance I have seen this year. Not only do the openly mock another faith, my faith, while whining about being persecuted, they do with mirth seen at good times with friends. How professional of them...

The whole thing was so horribly wrong and painful to watch, that I'm not even sure I'll get to it all in this posting... but I shall try me best.