Monday, September 9, 2013

Rambling of a Normal Guy: You know what they say about Opinions....

Welcome to another addition of ramblings of a normal guy. This is my special column, where I go off on wild rants complaining about the things that happen and effect my (and ours) every day life. Because of the excessive amounts of stupidity that will be featured, a large amount of inappropriate language will most likely be used. Also expect a large helping of calling out and "I don't give a crap". Rated M for mature, and read at  your own risk. 

So if you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably figured out two things about me. The first, is that I do not write often because of time, work and all around laziness. The second is that when I do write, it is because of something that is very important to me. So why I am writing today, right smack in the middle of programming my own game? Well you see, while I was on Facebook looking over various post of cats, cats, and more cats (did I mention cats?), I found a random post by a friend. It was a picture of a news article about a woman speaking about the evils of "the gays". True, we have freedom of speech in the US, so she is welcome to say what ever she wants. But while everyone is entitled to their opinion, everyone is also entitled to respond.. especially when they are being a whiny bitch. The image below is the article in question, I highly recommend reading it first... despite that nature of the article.

Click it to make it bigger.
You know after reading it over a few times, I actually find a few things amusing about it.

  • First and foremost is that she is a woman with a opinion. Why is this surprising? I wonder this "wild woman" knows that not to long ago a successful campaign to desensitize people to the sinful behavior of a woman having free will enabled her to have this opinion. I mean if she truly believes in the status quo, and the bible she claims to follow, she would stfu and obey any man she was sold/given too.
  • Read a book? Sure, I'll read the holy book where you get most of your anti-gay crap from. I'll read the same holy book that records and glamorizes the killing of thousands, the rape of woman and girls, slavery, and murdering of babies. "But that's just Old Testament" they will say. To which I would respond, if you are going to take one piece from it, you must follow all of it. Its a holy book, not a fucking buffet you can take what you want from. UGH!
  • Moving on, if she is going to make a claim as something true, she better have facts to back it up. Which she doesn't of course, since homosexuality is indeed natural. Ever see that meme "homosexuality if found in 400+ species and homophobia just one?" Yea that isn't just a saying, it's actually true. But then again, we already knew science is of the devil to these so called "religious" types right?
  • Did this idiot really just try to pull a "right is right and wrong is wrong"? Again The Law of the Land for the longest time AND the bible state that women need to be silent, need to obey the man they where given/sold to. That changed, from "right" to wrong. Black people where held as slaves and was held as right both in the bible (well slavery in general) and as law. That changed from "right" to wrong. I could go on and on with this point but why bother? Just because some bimbo with a book said something is right, doesn't make it so.
  • And now we have the argument that is so tired, it was dead out of the gate. Equal rights (because that is what it is) has nothing to do with religion, even more so because not every gay is religious. This has everything to do with her huge ass ego. Since she can't force her religion on everyone, since she can't force her beliefs on the world, since she can't control people any more, she is suddenly being oppressed. I think she needs to step outside her box and see that her version of faith does not control everything, nor do we the people want it to. And really? Religious houses are always exempt from many laws, I'm not sure what she is bitching about. Religious houses can not be forced to marry whom they do not want to. As for business... unless they are worshiping the dollar, they are in violation of their religious beliefs. Again a craft store is not a church, it is a business, not a religion.  But she is right about one thing, America is on a very dangerous downward slope. If we continue to allow religious law to trump the law of the land, when will it end? Will all Christian law be allowed to trump? Will all Jewish law be allowed to trump? Will Muslim law be allowed to trump (it's amusing to watch their head explode at the mention of that)? How about various Pagan laws? If not, then why is my faith not important as this woman's?
  • Finally, it's about time to stand up and be counted? Make her voice be heard? Sorry I must have been mistaken, I could have sworn I experienced 20+ fucking years of having their voice forced on me.

Does she really care about faith, or just her huge fucking ego?

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