Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Religious Nuts Exposed: WBC fails at Email

The Westboro Baptist Church (or WBC) is an Independent Baptist “church” known for its extreme stance against homosexuality, other religions, and anything else that tickles their fancy. They are also known for their greatly offensive protest activities against fallen service men/woman and high profile aka popular people. In this special section, we will explore their hateful and distorted “divine” teachings and expose them for what they truly are, a hate group who uses religion for personal power.  

I wrote this for my blog not to long ago in my ongoing parley with the members of the WBC. It's around 2am right now, and I've been sitting here for a good hour trying to think of something to start THIS blog off with. Maybe some dry witty comment about the WBC, or maybe an insult or two about how their cult is run by drug and child abusers. But you know what, what's the point? There are no words for the amount of stupid that comes from the WBC. It's all really been said. Every word has been spoken, every video seen. So how about I just get right to it then eh? While spending my off hours trolling the WBC (can it be considered trolling?), the email for the cult was posted on their twitter account. AWESOME! I thought, I could pose my Q&A again without the need to shorten it. Well I got an email back, and not surprisingly it's something I would expect from a second grader.

What I got back:

I lowed that font size to be more readable. Everything in red is what they wrote btw.

Dear Hard-Speech Hank – you are one of the mainstays of this final generation of Doomed american rebels against God with no cause.  - I do want to point out that I was born in the 80's and as such not the final generation of Americans. In fact I'm friends with many of the next generation, and my nephew is part of the generation after that....

First, you need to disabuse yourself of the notion that just because you hard-hearts come forward with hard speeches, that we now have imposed upon us a standard not imposed by God!  We are not instructed to justify ourselves to you hatin rebels!  We are instructed to be ready always to answer any man for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear!  Yes – that is what you get! -While I will not argue about being accountable to the divine , I find it odd how they think they need not justify there actions. If you are truly of God, then you have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. First, I edit your email below to put some discipline to your mess (you rack-a-dis-aprin). -Notice the childish insults every few lines? I thought people where suppose to grow out of that.

1.    Most mainstream religions of the day (both Monotheistic and Polytheistic) preach some form of a loving/compasionate divine being and words of goodness and redemption. What was the reason you deviated from this, and why do you think a message of hate (as in God hates x) will be more effective? To be more specific, why do you think a “God hates x” bumper sticker, would be more effective than a “Jesus loves you” sticker?

We know from a reading of the scriptures that the ONLY effective method of speaking about God is from His word. That means you have to say what HIS word says and add nothing more or less.  So we talk about the God of the Bible and you think it is a strange thing.  HOW do we arrive at the hour when mankind generally are dirt dumb about what the Bible says.  ~ I admit, I'm not expert on the Bibles, but after a bit of google-ing, I don't see anything that reads "god hates fags" and everyone but the WBC are going to hell. In fact isn't there a lot of "Jesus loves this" and "God loved the world so much he gave his only son"? Maybe we are reading different bible versions?

2.    Your group bases its works around the belief expressed by its best known slogan and the address of its primary Web site, God Hates Fags, asserting that every tragedy in the world is linked to homosexuality.  What is the line of thinking (and proof there of) that one group of people are responsible for the world’s problems?

The Bible based answer is that all things flow from and depend upon God. Period.  Nothing happens in this world except as directed by God and what you see before your eyes is his unfolding providence.  Included in God’s word is the requirement that his creation obey Him.  Your NO-OBEY takes a path and here a little, there a little and eventually, you have prophets on the ground telling you plain words that you hate and then you have confirmation of those words in the form of horrible destruction as  you see at this very hour, pouring out all over this earth.  Hear that rod across the back of Japan, and WHO APPOINTED IT!  ~ I got up to the part where is says "what I see before my eyes". My computer desk and two prinnys are what I see before my eyes. What I also see (if we must be serious) is a child in another room. He is sleeping comfortably in a house with a Christian, a Atheist, and a Pagan. He is being raised right, and has no place for hate in his heart. So yes I will give you this one, what I see in front of me is of the Divine. But really Japan again? Things like this have happened before and will happen again, yet we all still go on. Remember 3 mile island?

3.   I am interested in what passages of the bible and by Christ state that homosexuality is a sin. Do these also include lines on how this is an automatic ticket to hell for themselves and everyone around them?

Sit back and relax, you have some reading to catch up on, to wit: This might get you a good start on the scripture that discusses this matter. ~ It took me a bit to read this over, mostly because I had to check the sources. Yes there are indeed passages of the bible that state homosexuality is a sin. Do you find it odd to hear me admit that? Well you shouldn't! After reading up on many Jewish/Catholic sect reject these passages and do not call for harm against homosexuals. "But you can't just pick and choose what you want to follow from the bible!" they probably will say. Yea well there are also passages stating women must never talk back to a man and women who have child out of wedlock need to be executed. Guess we gotta do it, ITS GOD'S WORD!

4.  One of the testaments of your faith is the God hates humanity and all of her people are going to hell. The WBC is quoted as saying "There are over  1 billion Catholics in the world—that's one out of every six people alive today—and every single one of them will split Hell wide open when they die—period. And there is nothing they can do about it.” If this is the case, then why in this video (Skip ahead to 2:41 to about 4:00) does Shirley Phelps use the argument “If Jesus did not die for my sins I am going to hell”. Considering the bible professes this man did indeed die for our sins (which she also says herself), why can Ms. Phelps use this as a valid argument when the rest of America can not?

Taking your questions one at a time,  The Catholic pedophile monster does not serve God.  If you have cast your lot in with them, you have objective evidence that you do not serve God.  If you do not serve God, you go to hell!  Christ said that out of the abundance of the heart, words are spoken, actions are engaged in.  If you have a evil heart of unbelief in God and His word, you give that fact away by the conduct you are engaged in. ~ You seem to misunderstand my question. Who says I "serve" the catholic church? Who says I'm even part of it? That would be a pentacle around my neck ma'am, not a cross. Getting back on topic, if you are referring to the sex scandals that have been plaguing the Catholic church will I can only tell you this. It matters now what age, sex, race or religion you are. A dumb ass is still a dumb ass. Now can we get to the actual question on hand?

Next question.  Why did Shirley Phelps-Roper (That would be me) say that if God did not die for my sins, I will go to hell.  Because, if God did not die for my sins, I have no payment for my debt, so I must pay that myself, and the debt is only paid in hell. I went back to this question's answer a few times, and I'm afraid I still don't get it. According to the bible, Jesus died for all our sins. The key word being ALL here. There is no "Jesus just died for Shirley Phelps", in there. So are you saying that your previous statement was wrong or are you saying you have no payment for your debt and you are indeed going to hell?

Moving to the next section, I see editing is in order, because looking at your first line, I see you quit preaching and went to meddling with some nonsense about “socially questionable” signs.  That makes me think of a song – and the line that begins like this:  SHUT-UP BRUTE!  Oh, and speaking of songs, I am attaching our audios and videos.  Enjoy!  Learn and listen and enjoy!  Just sayin! ~ Socially questionable is a word (well two) and is used to describe things that are not socially acceptable, "50 ways to eat your baby" is just one example of this. But this is how you deal with things, you attempt to use insult and injury to deflect any and all types of questions. How very sad for you that you are unable to stand on your own two feet. 

Oh and the links you sent me? None of them work.


1.    Many of your signs state “God hates America” “Thank God for 9/11” and “Thank God for dead soldiers” Why? 

Because this nation has instituted rebellion against the commands of God at every level of this society and God has promised such a nation as this that they, having defiled the very land, will be vomited out of the land!  Total destruction is imminent! ~ I'm honestly not sure what is more sad here. The fact that you purposely edited the question and shortened it, or the fact that your god had 200 some years to destroy America and even more time to destroy this world, yet we are all still here.  Just sayin!

2. Why do you live, work, shop (and thereby take care of your family’s needs), follow laws of, and use the services of this nation? Actual question was: If this is the case, why do you still live, work, shop (and there by support), follow laws of, and use the services of this nation? Other groups that have such a strong convection often seal themselves off and are self sufficient.  Why not do the same?

Because this is where the Lord our God put us.  He said that we must love our neighbor from where he put us. He said warn your neighbor that his sin will take him to hell.  He said – your neighbor is going to ask you impudent and truly stupid questions, that come from an evil heart of unbelief, but you stay on message. God said arrogant rebels will suggest that you are not entitled to live if you obey me, but do it anyway, because I will be your protection and your guide and your help and stay! Obey me only!  SO Hank, we do just that. ~ Where to start? Leviticus 19:18 clearly states to love our neighbor as yourself, but nothing about judging them. Also nothing about asking stupid questions or editing stuff to make yourself sound better (see what I did there). If I may get slightly off topic for a moment, I am noticing a pattern. Every time someone brings up an uneasy question you resort to language often found in grade schools. Just sayin!

NOTE:  Since the rest of that drivel was so embarrassing for you, I just delete and pretend you did not barf out that kind of blather. ~ Again with the childish stuff. Many of you are older than I am, it's time to grow up already.
2.    I have a goofy question, but I’m so determined to be insulting with my words, that I can’t articulate an actual question, so skip this one.  OK ~ The question asked if there was "Is there a human factor in the funerals your protest or is just what ever will get you to most attention." Considering you skipped over this, I'm not sure what to think. However I do know your childish display will get you no where.

3.    In this video, along with numerous other things, Ms Phelps states that “America bombed our church to stop our preaching”. Was this an exaggeration or was your church really bombed? (Was there news printed on this?) 

You can read all about that bomb on the front page of the  You can see the media that went along with it.  You decide if it is exaggerated.  It was an IED or Roadside Bomb; the #1 killer of the brats of Doomed america in Iraq and Afghanistan. ~ Before retorting this, I would suggest you move your "new and improved site" to better servers. Seriously, even back in the old 56k days, sites did not take this long to load. Ten freaking mins? Yea, no thanks. After two, I'm already off surfing the web for funny cat pics. Now, as for your statement, I spent some time reading over the MANY links you have on this. You seem to enjoy involing high profile people in otherwise low end cases. I assume this is just for more attention for yourself. What I did find interesting is that you have no links to outside soruces. I am convinced the indecent wasn't nearly as bad as you claimed. A real bomber would not get 16 days of jail time.

4.  A wise person once said “violence breeds violence and peace breeds peace”. In the same video above (6:55min-ish) it stated by MS Phelps’s (in response to a question of the acts committed against the WBC)“I thought this was the do your own thing generation, tolerance, love, where is it?” With what many would call extremists views and actions, how can you call for such peace towards yourself when your church does not do onto others as it would itself?

The wisdom of Solomon was OBEY GOD! Or you will get his wrath.  True dat!  As for you fraud about WBC not doing unto others as we would have you do to us, clearly you missed this video: You bald statements filled with tiny nuggets of truth but mostly lies change exactly NOTHING! I’d work on that. ~ Perhaps you should work on your own image? Your actions speak louder than you words in this case. In recent news it is showing how you call the police (to whom you insult) and attempting to sue people who protest outside your church. As for your video, I have seen most, if not all, of them. They are childish, insulting, and do little to actually address anything. In one video you are saying "you can't interpret the bible in anyway but the way its written" while in the next you are twisting and using selected passaging to justify some otherwise crazy idea. When a "religion" can't even follow it's own laws, or twists/changes them on a almost daily basis....

5.   A slightly off question (that really has little to do with beliefs or actions) but I always wondered who pays for your police protection? Actual question: A slightly off question (that really has little to do with beliefs or actions) but I always wondered who pays for your police protection? Also if you are firm believers in "God Hates America", why do you use them to begin with? 

No that question is EXACTLY on target with the rest of the tone of your questions.  So here it is Hank, I will tell you who pays for the police where we live when you tell me, who pays for the police where YOU live.  I shall await your reply! ~As a lawyer you know who pays for the day to day activities of the police department. I was inquiring for special events (such as your protests) didja have to pay for it or do tax payers still have to flip the bill. I believe the term for it is "peace bonds", but then again you just wish to contuine to be childish right? Also way to avoid the next part of that question. Shall I pull a you and edit it so it looks like you answered it? We use it because, otherwise we (the child abuse, the druggie, the bastard child, the lady that looks like she took a shovel to the face, and mentally abused kids) know we get out asses beat. We know we profess God is our shield, but that's just a bunch of bs and we know it.

Thanks for asking.

Shirley Phelps-Roper

Well that's just super there Shirley, but you forgot one...

1.    As avid follows of the Christ and the bible, how do you reconcile the passage “The Lord’s servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth” with the way you conduct your affairs?
                a.    If, in response to the above question, you list a passage from the bible justifying your actions, how do you then reconcile the fact the bible is then contradictory?

Are we surprised?

No not really. With people finally waking up to this type of extreme hate, and members of their own family calling it quits, you would think they would think before they speak. So allow me to add this sad display with a quote from my previous entry...

They, nor their word is immortal. One day their pastor will pass on into the next life (and sent to the deepest darkest pit) & they to will morn his passing. They too will experience the pain and suffering as hundreds of people come with signs "thank god for dead pastors" "thank god he's finally dead" and "god hates WBC and dead homohaters". They might even see the error of their ways. Either way, hate doesn't last forever, but love never dies.


  1. Nice. Well thought out questions. You researched wahat you needed to in order to follow up the bullshit they were trying toshovel your way. Very nice. Keep it up!

  2. That was great Hank. No surprise Shirley is stuck at a mentally young age, the abuse must have been terrific in order to induce that-no lie or snark there, just total observation. Wow. Well, after they get disbarred, her candy selling skills will really come in handy for relating to the neighborhood kids.

  3. I went over it again and cleaning up some of the errors in spelling. Also added a few more thoughts I had.

    Thanks for everyone's support in this!