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How WBC Fails: God H8's 4/19

The Westboro Baptist Church (or WBC) is an Independent Baptist “church” known for its extreme stance against homosexuality, other religions, and anything else that tickles their fancy. They are also known for their greatly offensive protest activities against fallen service men/woman and high profile aka popular people. In this special section, we will explore their hateful and distorted “divine” teachings and expose them for what they truly are, a hate group who uses religion for personal power.

Part: 4/19
Name: Do unto others as u would have them do unto u- Pt4 WBCs GOD H8S
Update: Videos have been removed. Blog now shows video of all of them combined. 
Bible verses mentioned:
Matt 12: Quite a few stories from the times of Jesus.
Eccl 12:13: Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God     and keep his commandments, for this is the whole [duty] of man.

Previously, in 1/19 I believe, I express about my initial uncertainty as to why I was doing this. Sure while it could be generally amusing to expose lies of a cult, what does some geek gamer pagan guy care about the silliness of other people faiths? They are unable to do any harm against me, so why bother? Recently my mother, after reading said previous entry's, asked me the same question. This raging cult of about twenty years will never change their ways, just as we shall never change ours. The sane will stay sane and the insane will be insane no matter what writing, video or such comes to light. Cults are nothing new in this world, and the writings of one VERY amateurish blogger will not change the world. After sitting here for a few days thinking about it, I finally came to a conclusion. Snapple is amazing. 

Err sorry >_> 

When the WBC came to my neck of the woods, there was a lot of hoopla and media fan faire. Four members of the WBC came to challenge the counter protest of at least seventy five people; to which the WBC lost horribly too. Among all this tomfoolery, students of Archbishop Ryan where just getting off SEPTA (our form of public transportation) or being dropped off. This was a calculated move by the WBC for they wanted as much attention as possible. The perfect time to do this would either be just before school hours or just after, for us they went with the before hours. Most responses from the students where expected, various used of the middle finger, what the cult could do with their signs, even a few spit balls here and there. However, there one student that stood out from the rest, and even to this day I can still remember his face. You could tell just by the look, that this gross display of senseless hate bothered him. What part of the message it was, I will never know, but the hurt was there none the less. After the successful counter protest, I saw the kid again in the spiritual guidance center still very much bothered by what happened. This is why I do continue on.

I, the author of the terribly put together book of stories, do this for the people who can’t. In such I do not hope to change the WBC, nor do I do it for attention or spite. All of this is more of a counter balance, a reaction to their action. Their is no hate here, only deep seated disappointment and fear of what their hate could produce. I do this so people like this previous mentioned student, know that the message of the WBC will not go unchallenged. There are people who will not be silent while bad people pull this crap.

So now that’s out of the way;

When engaged in this blogging and rebuking thing, the process usually takes me three or four days. Sadly such things can not be done in a hour or two. Not only does having a forty plus work hour cut into my free time, but more than just mere simple research is required for such a sharp tongued cult. One must look up the verse quoted, then the passage in question to assure proper citation and understanding of said verse. Once this is done, one must then refer to the Hebrew/Greek passages to assure proper translation. After all we wouldn't want Jesus to be evil now would we? While for time sake it would be preferable to throw down “Yo WBC your insane, jump off a bridge kkthxbye”, that really doesn’t work in a research/rebuking paper. I could not do to them what the do to us....

Which brings us to the subject manner of today's video and rebuking. As the title conveys, today we explore the Christian adaption of the gold rule, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Simple and elegant, one wonders why the rest of the bible wasn't written like this. In any case, this rule like all other versions, expresses "you should only do things you would be ok happening to you". If you rather not get punched in the face, you probably shouldn’t go around punching people. How does the WBC twist such teachings?

Turns out they didn’t, but they sure messed up with this video.

What he said: "As the only people in the world who are abinding by the Christ Matt 12 directive, catch a clue" 

I sense a growing trend forming, and one that I am already tired of repeating. The New Testament is the collective works of the days and teachings of Christ. Within these pages inspired by the divine, it is recounted how Jesus taught individuals and the masses calmly and with great love. He never cursed, nor used hate filled speech to direct his message. Every other word wasn't about burning in hell or praising his dad about deaths of so many people. "Praise be to my father for his great love" Jesus would say. Why else do you think the word love is mentioned a staggering 697 times in the bible (not even sin comes this close)? Regrettably in this video, we once again see what happens when ego is left unchecked. "Bro Tim's" attitude is both unrequested and unacceptable. Dear WBC, you are doing informational video, please stick to the facts not your sad attempts at a ego boost.

 So after a unsurprising, yet still disturbing demonstration*1 of just how dark and horrid the souls of the cult are, we are intoduced to our host "Bro Tim". With a unrequested and unneed angry tone, Tim informs us that he and the members of his family church are the only people currently on earth who are abiding by the rule set listed in Matthew 12. His underton also implies (and is directly stated later) that only the cult and its members are “the holy ones” or "elect". 

Oh really?

Ego, when overly and unjustifiably inflated, can be a dangerous thing to one's self and others. This may take the form of unreasonable assumptions dangerous risks to self and others, unwanted insults that accomplish nothing but self destruction, and many burning of bridges. If and when one holds themselves or the group they are part of upon a pedestal, it is wise to assure such a action is warranted and proven. When dealing with religious chases such as these, one can always refer to their holy book for ample proof in either direction. 

Luke 6:31: And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. 
It's basically a no-brainier catch all phrase when it comes to relative morality. Would one want to be repeatedly punched in the face, stolen or lied too? Would one want someone to destroy one's property and not be held accountable? Of course not! No one in their right mind would enjoy constant evil and injustices done upon them. If we apply this line of thinking to the present paper, three quick questions arise;

  1. While making righteous judgements is justified to an extend in the bible, do the WBC then realize that they too are held to the same standards? Why do they shy away when presented with such judgements?
  2. Quite a few instances of inappropriate behavior are either recorded on film or a matter of public record.  While such actions vary on how much they defy the bible, they are still frowned or disallowed by it. Why is it, when various actions of wrong doing are exposed and presented to members of the WBC, they deny the truth or resort to "God loves me and hates you"? 
  3. In attempt to spread the message of their church, and more importantly sate their addiction to attention, the cult will often use funerals of high profile, high media people to protest. The most recent of example of this would be our service men, the little girl who was murdered, foo fighters, (as of 10/8) Steve Jobs. Why are said protests only of high media people? Would not your message of god hating x be heard from anywhere if it where your god's will? Why is it that that when these same demonstrations are conducted outside of the church/living complex of the WBC, do they then become unacceptable?  Why would they call the police to arrest people for the same bloody thing they do?

1 Peter 3:8: Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.   
Philippians 2:3: Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

Romans 12:10: Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

Luke 6:32: If you love those who love you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. 
When members of the WBC condemn others for sins they themselves commit, they seek not unity, sympathy or love. They seek only the thrill of their own ego.  What one does to others, how ones treats and care for other, one also does such onto Jesus. Every time help is refused to the needy, every time the weak are looked over, such actions are also done onto Christ. Have you ever heard of charity work done by the cult? Or have all we heard was "you're going to hell"

How is this living by Matthew 12 again? How is this even living by the word of Christ?

What he said: "The WBC members what others to tell us the stinking truth!"

Continuing on with our video, we see that because of a bolstered ego and supposed exclusive Godly endorsement, our narrator tells us we should “tell them the stinking truth”.  Pardon me if I am wrong here, but haven’t hundreds (if not thousands) of other people around the world been doing just that? Both new and old media, private and paid bloggers, ordinary citizens have pointed and reference numerous sources of contradiction and hypocrisy within the WBC, hell countries have even banned them!

But who am I to pass up a free set up like that?!

Why hello there Mr crazy leader person...

Founded back in the 60’s, you think they would be about free love and peace. Image how different the world would be if the WBC was all hippyness. Incorporated in 1967 (found the date) as a non-profit religious organization, the church considers itself an “Old School” Baptist Church.  If you’re unsure as to the meaning of this, think more in lines of “getting back to the roots”. The "churches" leader is Fred Phelps and several of his children (and dozens of his grandchildren) constitute the majority of the group’s members, ten of which aren’t blood members of his family. WBC also has no official affiliation with mainstream Baptist organizations, this is because of both practices and by will. Considering the moral and ethical imprecations and demands of being a leader, you would assume Fred would be of mostly sound moral ethics (hey no one is perfect).  In fact Mr Fred Phelps was recently describe as "There was this humble, little old man who had spent his life laboring in that Word, in that vineyard, telling people just what the Bible says," Drain says. "He's not an aggressive self-promoter that people put him out as. He's a man who every day spends several hours a day poring through the Scripture. He's doing this out of a heartfelt fear that if he doesn't do it, then the Lord is going to deal with him."

You don’t say…

And before you say anything, yes most of this is a copy and paste from public records with my little two cents here and there.
  • The first mention of criminal activity begins in 1951. While I know this is a long time ago, we do none the less have to start somewhere. The ironic thing about this is the charge was a misdemeanor battery. That’s right, he assaulted someone. He, the person who will have his entire clan sue you if you look at them wrong, assaulted a police officer.
  • Since then, he since been arrested for assault, battery, threats, trespassing, disorderly conduct, contempt of court, and several other charges. You know the same stuff he sues people for now. What was that about being a humble guy?  
  • Every single time he, (or now members of his church), have been arrested and charged, he or a member of his congregation has filed suit against the city, the police, and the arresting officers. This is also their main source of income for church affairs, using American law they claim to hate.
  • Fred Phelps has been convicted of the following;
    • 1987: Witness intimidation, threats, and attempted extortion (charges were brought up by the Kansas Bar Association and used as evidence in Phelps' disbarment and the launching of disbarment hearings against his children)
    • 1992: Disorderly conduct
    • 1993: Disorderly conduct
    • 1993: Witness intimidation
    • 1994: Contempt of court
    • 1994: Two counts of assault (reduced to disorderly conduct on appeal)
    • 1995: Assault and battery
    • 1997: Two counts of disorderly conduct
    • 1998: Disorderly conduct
  • The 1993 conviction was made possible because of a raid on the offices of his family's lawfirm, "Phelps Chartered”. During said raid, police seized very expensive equipment to be used as evidence, the most round number I could find was $37,000 (O.o). Being no expert in law (other than NCIS and Law & Order), I thought police where allowed to do things like this. However Phelps later sued the city of Topeka for seizing the equipment and won $43,000 in damages. By the time the appeals court overturned the ruling, cause you know police ARE allow to do this, the statute of limitations had expired and Phelps was allowed to keep the money. 
  • In 1995, Mr. Phelps’ conviction for assault and battery carried a five-year prison sentence, with a mandatory 18 months to be served before he became eligible for parole. I wonder how his fellow prison inmates would take his message. Before he was jailed however, Phelps fought to be allowed to remain free until his appeals process went through. Days away being arrested and sent to prison, a judge ruled that Phelps had been denied a speedy trial and that he was not required to serve any time.
  • Taking another trip back in time, we return to the year of 1962. Sometime following his graduation from Washburn, Phelps became addicted to amphetamines and barbiturates, which he often combined with large quantities of alcohol. This is from public medical records btw.
  • One of his sons claims that his first memory in life was that of the drunk, stoned Phelps shooting a dog for defecating on the lawn. While this would normally be considered hearsay, the incident led to the majority of Phelps' supporters leaving him and returning to Eastside. It is said, that in the middle of the night, for the next several weeks, his ex-congregants sneaked into the front yard of Westboro and placed signs reading: Anyone who'd stoop to killing a dog someday will mistake a child for a dog.
  • Please keep in mind that the above is still hearsay, even if one can make reasonable connections and conclusions. 
  • One of the (many) scams Phelps has pulled over the years was "The Children's Crusade". This was a money-making scheme disguised as evangelical witnessing and a church fundraiser, which consisted of the Phelps children going door-to-door selling candy. *2
  • A interesting note is the sales often found the children in dangerous areas of town, including the "bad part of Kansas City", where a teenage Jon Phelps and eight-year-old Rebecca Phelps were assaulted by a transgender woman after Jon Phelps made a gay joke. The transgender woman pulled a switchblade and chased the children. The reason I bring this up is, I wonder if all the “God Hates Fags” thing started here? 
  • As you can imagine, candy sales dried up after it was revealed what was going on. *2 During this time, the children were often caught stealing from the local area. Wallets, purses, anything that was money they were found stealing. Despite eyewitnesses filing affidavits, the district attorney refused to prosecute even one case for fear of violent retribution from Phelps. You sue me I’ll sue you type of thing. Eventually, the theft became so prominent and so severe that the Topeka Police Department began a special investigation into Phelps under the belief that he was running a "Fagin operation."  
  • As of 1994, Phelps has lost two lawsuits to the manufacturer and was ordered to pay. Why? He never paid them for the candy he was trying to sell. We call that theft. A representative of the manufacturer told the Topeka Capital Journal (they were running stories about the evils of WBC at the time) in 1994 that they were attempting to find Phelps' bank account to place a lien against it, but had been unsuccessful. It is unknown whether or not Phelps has ever paid the manufacturer. Isn’t there some bible verse that speaks about NOT paying your debts?
  • In 1968, Phelps tried to commit suicide while high on methamphetamines, attempting to shoot himself in the head with a shotgun; he was so inebriated, however, that he ended up missing his head completely and striking a roll of insulation. Shortly thereafter, Phelps overdosed on a cocktail of alcohol and amphetamines. He slipped into a coma and was rushed to the hospital, where he remained comatose for a week. Upon his return home he put himself on a detoxification diet, drinking only water and eating no solid food for several weeks.
  • Around 1964, Phelps earns a law degree from Washburn University in Topeka, but has trouble joining the state bar when no judges are willing to vouch for his "good character," the normal procedure under Kansas law. Phelps overcomes this obstacle by providing recommendations from others. Before the end of his legal career in 1989, Phelps will file some 400 suits, mostly in federal court. Estranged son Nathan Phelps will claim (again this is one man's word against another) later that part of his father's strategy is to file frivolous lawsuits in the hope that his targets will settle to avoid the costs of defense.
  • One of his most bizarre use of American (which he and his whole cult claims to hate) law was filing three federal lawsuits against Washburn University Law School after three of his children are denied admission. The suit contends his children should be granted minority status, and thus benefit from affirmative action, because of their association with their father's "civil rights" legal work.  A later suit switches the argument, alleging reverse discrimination because Phelps' children are white. All are dismissed in 1986.
  • Just as above, Phelps' law career saw an abundance of fraud and extortion. He sold expensive baby carriages on a layaway plan to poor, young couples, and then immediately filed lawsuits against them when they were so much as a day late.
  • In another scam, Phelps (who would also describe himself as a great civil rights lawyer) would go to friends of his customers asking them to sign a paper attesting to their friends' good credit. The paper contained a vague clause that, when translated, obliged the signing party to buy a baby carriage from Phelps; those who Phelps targeted were often blacks who were either illiterate or had poor education. When the person inevitably refused to buy the carriage, Phelps would sue them for breach of contract.
  • Between 1958 and 1964, Phelps filed fourteen lawsuits, targeting among other people, his former co-pastor at Eastside, Leaford Cavin, and the radio station KTOP; Phelps had paid to deliver sermons on the station every Sunday morning, but the station cancelled the deal when Phelps began to use the time to launch into obscenity-laden tirades.
  • In March 1965, Phelps was hired to handle a divorce case. Which is odd considering how they feel about divorce. While she wound up firing him a month later, she still paid a excess of a thousand dollar free. Phelps still demanded $1,500 in unpaid bills. Taking the woman to court, he lost with a ruling that Phelps had no right to the money. Phelps responded by suing the woman in civil court; the Kansas Supreme Court stepped in, accusing Phelps of harassment. They issued a statement declaring that Phelps "demonstrates a lack of professional self-restraint in matters of compensation."
  • In 1976, an investigation launched by the Kansas Supreme Court in association with the Kansas Bar Association determined that Phelps had been extorting his clients by demanding more money than he was entitled to and threatening to sue the person, but taking a series of $1,500 "walk-away fees."
  • In 1977, the Kansas State Bar Association sought to have Phelps permanently disbarred from practicing law in the state of Kansas for his conduct during a lawsuit against a court reporter named Carolene Brady. Brady had failed to have a court transcript ready for Phelps on the day he asked for it; though it did not affect the outcome of the case for which Phelps had requested the transcript, Phelps still requested $22,000 in damages from her. Overkill much?
o    In the ensuing trial, Phelps called Brady to the stand, declared her a hostile witness, and then cross-examined her for nearly a week, during which he accused her of being a "slut". How exactly being a slut is related to court transcripts is a tricky one, maybe a reader can find a connection. During the trial, Fred  tried to introduce testimony from former boyfriends whom Phelps wanted to subpoena, and accused her of a variety of perverse sexual acts, ultimately reducing her to tears on the stand. Phelps lost the case; according to the Kansas Supreme Court:
o   The trial became an exhibition of a personal vendetta by Phelps against Carolene Brady. His examination was replete with repetition, badgering, innuendo, belligerence, irrelevant and immaterial matter, evidencing only a desire to hurt and destroy the defendant. The jury verdict didn't stop the onslaught of Phelps. He was not satisfied with the hurt, pain, and damage he had visited on Carolene Brady.
o   In an appeal, Phelps prepared affidavits swearing to the court that he had eight witnesses whose testimony would convince the court to rule in his favor. Brady, in turn, obtained sworn, signed affidavits from the eight people in question, all of whom said that Phelps had never contacted them and that they had no reason to testify against Brady; Phelps had committed perjury.
  • By 1979 Fred Phelps had more complaints filed against him for misconduct than any attorney in the history of the state of Kansas (and, some believe, the history of the United States).
  • On July 20, 1979, Fred Phelps was permanently disbarred from practicing law in the state of Kansas. Because of the state disbarment, Phelps was automatically suspended from practicing law until 1982.
  • Beginning in 1983, Phelps began issuing letters of demand for $1,500 to people he was planning on suing, causing federal extortion charges to be brought against him. He immediately filed 200 lawsuits, including one against Ronald Reagan for $1,000,000 for sending a US ambassador to the Vatican (I think he missed the fact that the Vatican is  independent nation). He also sued a Topeka school teacher for $1,000,000 for criticizing Calvinism, and the Wichita Eagle-Beacon for running a story about him. Funny how no one can say bad on him, but he can speak bad on everyone else.
  • Before being disbarred, Fred assisted several of his children through law school and into their law firm, Phelps Chartered. When charges were brought up against Phelps, his children were also named in the action. In typical WBC response, Phelps began an attack on the federal judges, demanding they resign, and claiming that he had affidavits from independent witnesses who claimed to have overheard one of the judges say: "Those Phelpses, they're everywhere showing off. It will be harder now, but I will destroy them." The "independent witnesses" turned out to be Brent Roper, Phelps' adopted son. Just how much lying is one person capable of?
  • 1989 was a joyous time for the sane. This was the year when Fred Phelps was finally disbarred from practicing federal law. Reasons for said disbarring were for his conduct in the Brady case, his perjury, and for a series of unrelated ethical violations. What is also surprising about this was the motion for disbarment was signed by every federal judge in the state of Kansas.
  • Around 1997, claiming the city has not done enough to protect WBC picketers, Phelps threatens to sue Topeka if he is not paid $1 million. When the city demurs, Phelps sues for $7 million.
  • The same year Police chief Gerald Beavers resigns after being accused of coddling Phelps with a no-arrest order. Either from fear of being sued to death, or just not wanted to deal with the issuing drama, the chief inadvertently caused more drama for himself and the city. Hope it was worth it dood. Beavers is then replaced by Dean Forster, whose credentials include having prevailed in an earlier suit brought against him by Phelps.
  • In 1998 in the latest WBC battle over religious tax exemptions, a WBC pickup truck is ruled taxable because it is used for political, not religious, purposes. Nice try Fred.

So there you have it dood, the stinking truth about your beloved "humble old man". A leader of a church that claims to be the focal point of everything godly. You have been measured and found wanting... Upon checking the public records of the various religious people stationed around me, I found either they utterly lacked a rap sheet, or the presented record resembled nothing like this. As for the rest of the video? Name calling and childish insults just make you look stupid, and raising your voice doesn’t make you right. Time to wake up and get a clue WBC!
  • Jesus nowhere says “love your neighbor as yourself…. Unless they are homosexual, in that case bash the crap out of him”
  • Jesus never says it’s ok to use a funeral as a “preaching ground”.
  • Jesus himself said his father was love. Jesus said he was love. WBC signs “God Hates X”  are in direct conflict with this.
  • Judge not, lest you be judge. Tell not the people “tell us the stinking truth” then hide and deny it.

But your right on one thing, Jesus did mention how we should live our life in the bible. For this we look at a verse the WBC failed to include Mark chapter 12 verses 28-31.

“One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him "Of all the commandments, which is the most important?" "The most important one," Jesus answered, "is this: Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these."


Love the divine, and love your neighbor.

Nothing about picketing, nothing about disrupting funerals, nothing about thanking any god for deaths. Just pure love. And by now we all know what love is…

*1 How anyone could have a pleased face while holding that photo up, well it's just bloody disturbing. I know the graphic nature of this video’s opening was used mostly for shock value, but damn. If anything it would turn people off to the message, consider it has little if anything to do with it.

*2 Also included in this is allegations of child abuse. Nothing will come of this consider that expired too L


  1. Your decision to continue your blog reminded me of a quote from Edmund Burke. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

    Fight on Hank!

  2. Thanks again Rich for your kind words! The line you quoted is very true, we can even see this in the case of the former police chief listed in this paper.

  3. As of 10/8, this has been revisited, revised, and updated to my current adopted standard.