Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rambling of Normal Guys: Every Journey...

Can I haz blog?

First post, first chance to get to know me.

Legal Name: Mr. Henry John Biddle
Other names: Hank, Jew, Ashka Ryo, Jesus the donuts guy.

Section 1: Basic Information

Gender: Male
Hair color: Natural blonde, but usually brown or red. 
Eye color: Green
Height: 5’11”
Approximate weight: 180lbs
Location: Philadelphia, Pa (U.S.A)

Birthday: August 6,1982 (at 6:00pm)
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pa.
Scars: Bottom part of chin
Astrological sign:
-Western Signs: Leo
-Solar Signs: Cancer
Dominant hand: Right
Religion: Irish Pagan
Dominant brain: Right
Major/career: Game Room Owner, with a masters in computer engineering.
Race: Elf... er human... yea...
Relationship status: Single
Glasses: Yes, since the second grade.
Braces: No.
Piercings: No.
Tattoos: Yes

Don't ask...

Section 2: Preferences
Favorite color: Green
Favorite letter: G
Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint
Favorite food: Chicken
Favorite drink: Snapple Ice tea
Favorite "drug": World of Warcraft, snapple
Favorite number: 5
Favorite sport: Hockey
Favorite subject: Lore
Favorite month: July
Favorite song: Deep silent complete, by Nightwish or Dreamland, by HammerFall
Favorite book: To kill a mocking bird
Favorite movie: Breakfast club
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite TV show: Planet Earth
Favorite cartoon character: Chi, Excel, captain planet, the 80's stuff :)
Favorite series: Excel Saga
Favorite word: didja
Favorite argument: What makes a movie better, plot or special effects.
Favorite paradox/oxymoron: Within each person, there is the good and the evil

My awesome group of friends.

Section 3: Serious Issues
What are your views on...

1. Liberalism?
To be perfectly honest, the world of politics is a strange confusing place. Its a world of two faces and 6 hearts, where one thing is said, and another is done. With the basic principle of the party, as far as I know it, I have no problem with.

2. The existence of God?
Not only a God, but I also believe in the Goddess as well! Crazy, I get two for the price of one! In all seriousness we all believe in the higher powers, we just call them something different.

3. Jesus Christ?
He was a great man who tried to teach idiot humans to be excellent to each other, sadly not many people listened. I do not believe he is my savior or the son of any god. I also don't think he wanted other people shoving his teaching down our throats.

4. Abortion?
Be it a worm, a bug, or a human, a life is still a life. It should not be wasted, it should not be shameless discarded, it should be treated as nothing. However since I am a man, I have no right to tell a woman what she can and can not do with her body.

5. Global warming?
Gaea has done many a thing in her life to preserve and create life. The ice ages, the change of certain weather patterns, even mass extinctions. This time around, I think global warming is not of natural origins. Humans are the cause of global warming, and we need to fix it. You know, since we only have one Earth...

6. Humanity?
A mostly parasitic race that despite itself, has become the dominate race on Earth. Capable of great destruction and evil, it also has the potential to be a wonderful positive force to all it touches. Sadly this will probably not happen in my lifetime.

7. Vegetarianism?
When the proper food chain is in place, humans are still part of it. Should a lion sorrow for eating its prey? No, nor should humans. Are Vegetarians crazy people? Nah, it's just their way of life.

8. Animal abuse?
Human, plant or animal. You abuse anything, it should come right around and abuse you back.

9. Capital punishment?
Is something that can spark a very heated debate. True, killing should be wrong, true the person could have been framed, and true it does stop the person from committing crime(s) again. Still, too many things can go wrong with it, too many factors that must be carefully dwelt with. As for me, I think if the person really is guilty, why should they get off so easily? They should live in solitude for the rest of their life to ponder their actions.

10. Evolution?
Evolution of the Grand Design, good song, you all should look it up ^_^ As for the process of Evolution, sure why not? Not only is there a good deal of scientific evidence to explain it, but do you really think we burst from the ground and next day went shopping downtown?

11. Extraterrestrial beings?
You know, I always found it funny how this can be a controversial topic. OH NOES! We aren't the only life out there! For me, I really hope there are other life forms out there. If not its a terrible waste of space.

12. Heaven?
While we all call the place (or places) we go when we die by different names, I do believe in the concept of a “good” place out souls go to. For me, such a place is called the Summer Lands.

13. Hell?
A place a fiery damnation, a place where all evil people go for living their life that was planed out. No I do not believe in the concept of hell and find it a bit insulting.

14. Purgatory?
Even the Pope says there isn't one. Considering the poor guy supposedly died for our sins, don't see a need for one anywho...

15. Ghosts?
Sometimes the spirits of the dead do not pass on. Ask my brother he's all into the ghost hunter thing (the real kind, nit the 9.95 as seen on tv order now kind)

16. Serial Killers?
Taking of one life is something I can not fathom, taking of repeated life, is something that makes me sick to my stomach. They should be locked away in the deepest pits, with only their mad thoughts as company. Let Lord Cthulu deal with them.

17. Marriage?
It’s a beautiful union between two people who honestly love each other. It doesn't matter who the two people happen to be.

18. Smoking?
Smoking is a disgusting habit other people have that makes me sick. Plus why anyone would want to kill themselves slowly is beyond me. But hey to each their own right? Just don't blow your crap in my face.

19. Drinking?
Six back, relax and have a few. Why not? Getting piss ass drunk, where you don't remember a thing, that's just stupid, not good for your health... And can lead to other bad things.

20. Child abuse?
So beyond reasoning, that anyone who does it should be thrown in traffic and run over repeatedly for a few hours. How dare anyone harm and defile a child, the only thing that is still innocent in the world.

She whispers dark things into my head.

Section 4: Romantic Preferences (Just for the fun of it)
Gender: Female
Eye color: Blue or green eyes.
Hair color: Something funky. Maybe splashes of color.
Height: 5’2” +
Weight: I would like to be able to pick her up.
Age: 25-28 (close to my age)
Religion: Any, as long as I don't get “You need to find god” crap.
Scars: None are required.
Glasses: Doesn’t matter.
Braces: If you need them, you need them.
Piercings: Number and kind don't bother me, as long as it's classy and not forced.
Tattoos: Same as above.
Career: A job is a job. If you pay the bills and support what needs supporting, it matters not if it's a “Real” job or not.
Marriage (y/n): Sure.
Who proposes: I would, after messing up over 9000 times.
Wedding colors: I would prefer something natural in a natural setting. Elf folk forest wedding would be the awesome of awesome.
Wedding size: Small please. Crowd bother me.
Number of children: 1-2. Would like a boy and girl.
Name of one child: Christoff, Joshua, Kashi, Amanda, need more time for some more ^_^
Together Forever?: Of course!


Section 5: The "Test" with No Wrong Answers
1. If you could change your name, to what would you change it, if anything, and why?
- Ashka Winter. While it has deeper ties and meaning for me other than being the Wiccan name I took, I won't lie. I would totally change it because I think it sounds really cool.

2. If any amount of any sort of fame was available to you, what would you choose and why?
- Having super powers, yes I am that shallow. I would love to be able to fly the skys high, to work with the elements to battle foes unknown, to save the world and throw fireballs at everyone who pisses me off.... yea.

3. What kind of fan club would you like to have or do you have?
- I would like to have a fan club of people that love anime and the outdoors. Hell grab a portable dvd player, and have a anime picnic! How cool would that be!

4. If you had everything you needed delivered daily, what would it be?
- Spare parts, for my small house in the woods.

5. If you were told you must join the army (or navy or marines), but could choose any position you liked, how would you react?
- I would be exceedingly horrified and angry. With our past commanders in mind, I think the army has been used for selfish means. It's only purpose is to enforce a mad person with an inflated ego. However if we are going by a commander and chief that isn't a jack wagon, I would choose the supply officer. I could assure everyone is feed and has what they need.

7. If you are a member of a fan club, or multiple fan clubs, describe it, or them, and your role.
I am part of no fanclub :(

8. If you were assured of all your daily needs, what kind of job would you want, if any, and how would you spend your paycheck?
If I had all of my needs met, I would like to have my dream job, that of a Forest Ranger. Tending to the woodland realms would give this one much joy. I would probably either donate my check, or put it in the bank. Prob both.

9. If you could choose any sort of environment in which to live, what would you pick and why?
A large forest area, complete with wildlife, lakes and a small cabin for me to live in. All of the natrual phases of nature would take place. Why? Because the outdoors are frigging awesome.

10. If you had to wear the same outer layer of clothing every day, what would it be?
Mostly cloth armor. Green pants, shirt, and a brown jacket.

11. If you received a fifty dollar check in the mail, guaranteed, every day, what would you do with it?
Assure that all my bills that needed to be paid were done so. Then just live off the rest.

12. What would you do if you knew you would die in 5 days?
Go about my life as normal, or play an butt ton of WoW. If it's my time, then so be it. Crying about it, ant going to change it.

13. What is the most important goal in your life?
To live it.

14. How would you prefer, ideally speaking, to die?
In my sleep at an old age.

15. Do you have any strong feelings about how you will or will not die? For example, is there a way you strongly feel, almost to the point of knowing, how you will not die?
Death by drowning or slashing, I dream about it to much for it to happen.

16. Do you find talk of death creepy? If so, why?
Not at all, death is a natural end of life. The cycle needs a beginning and end.

17. If you could learn everything about any subject tomorrow, what subject would you choose and how much would you be willing to sacrifice for the knowledge?
Would you believe if I said, there really isn't a subject? Life is it's own teacher, and the one I only really need.

18. What role do you think fate plays in your life?
A man's fate is a man's fate. Take control or live as a slave, it's up to you, no one or nothing else.

19. How important do you think you are, not just to yourself but to your circles and the world?
Me? I am totally not important to the world at large. I'm just a dood, and I'm ok with that.

20. What really brings you joy?
Smiles and peoples faces.

Myself and my friend Kyle.

Section 6: Your Parents
Father's name: Kennith Biddle
Occupation: Accounting
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown and very little.
Height: 5’6
Weight: 200 something
Age: 65
Religion: Orthodox Christian
Other distinguishing features: Glasses, old, Smelly
Just father or dad?: Father.

Mother's name: Anne Biddle
Occupation: Family Mother, works in my golf course.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown/grey
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 135lbs?
Age: 50 something
Religion: Christian
Other distinguishing features: Old and loud.
Just mother or mom?: MomMom ^_^

Yes I know I am sexy in a kilt.

Section 7: More Random Questions
1. What is your motto? Why?
It could always be worse, cause you know, it could always be worse.

2. What is your cell phone ring tone? Why?
I have quite a few, and they have a habit of changing. Various suikoden melodies, dragonzord summons, nom nom nom are the currents.

3. Would you consider priesthood or the religious life (monk or nun)?
Ummm no.

4. Do you have a nickname or nicknames? What is it or they?
Hank, Hankems, Jew.

5. What do you fear?
Heights and needles.

6. Do you consider the above a weakness?
Yes, but that is life.

7. What do you consider one of your strengths?
The ability to adapt.

8. What mythological creature do you wish was real?
Was real? Baby in my world they are all real.

9. What would you do tomorrow if you knew you could not fail?
Win the lottery to set up my family and friends, create the true runes, find the god damn princess that is NOT in another castle, and make some cake.

10. Would you ask someone out if you liked them or would you wait and try to find out if it's mutual first?
Find out if it’s mutual.

11. Do you like sleep?
Yes, as much as possible.

12. What is your opinion on acronyms and abbreviations?
Only when necessary please.

13. Do you think math is important? How important?
Math is important only to the people who use it. I use it somewhat, so I would say its somewhat important. It should also grow up and solve it's own problems.

14. Do you have a dream home?
A cottage in the forest.

15. Can you solve the mysteries of the universe?
42, what would you like answered next?

16. Would you rather freeze to death in summer or burn to death in winter?
Freeze to death in the summer.

17. How many roads must a man walk down before they call him a man?
One. The road the man deiced on his own.

18. What's the most random thing you can think of right now?

19. Do you like waffles?
Hellz yea!

20. What do you do frequently that you consider a colossal waste of time?

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