Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ramblings of a Working Guy: What Parents should be

And why you see here is a rare sight of a parent giving a damn

No matter what field of work you are in, be it in the office building, a stall at the local mall, Best Buy or Walmart, a game room with hordes of children or street corner doing… whatever it is you do, there is always something that pisses you off.  Come my working class brothers and sisters; let us take some joy in the idiocy that is the source of our discontent, the customer.

So I'm just sitting here doing a whole lot of nothing, and you know what comes to mind? Is Lee doing well at work? I wonder if the new inventory will be in soon. Should I start on the list for myself and Lauryn now? Should I order more tickets? I wonder what Monday's reports will show about my various tweaks to the game room. How is the FEC doing? Should I ask Lisa for another meeting to throw around some more ideas? Maybe I should think of something to get us and the restaurant working more closely together? Oh crap, I need to visit three more day cares on Tuesday to make up for what I missed on Friday...

That's right its all about fracking(*1) work.

It's eleven at night, and all I can think about it is work. Where normal people would be watching TV, killing internet dragon or even sleeping, I am up worrying about a million different shit things. What is even worse is the fact I am ok with it. Despite all the complaints about the customers I have, I really love my job (mostly), and I don't mind the work. I’m a fracking horse, people. A horse. But living my life with a smile plastered to my face is making my teeth hurt, not to mention my soul and sanity, So like any other normal person, I need to bitch and moan sometimes to let off the steam. To many times we of the working class are treated as slaves and pets, all because someone with a dollar has a attitude.

Believe it or not, we do not give up our humanity when we put on a uniform. 

Yes I am a person, and you are too. But you know what? Today isn't about the million and one customers who need to burn like the sun, or be merrily thrown into traffic and laughed at. This is about a really cool story bro, and you know what really makes the cool stories? It's the customers that don't suck. The story of one such customer is what I want to share with you today.

Over the course of the summer, which is always over way to fast, I can remember two really frigging awesome birthday parties and the parents with them. First and foremost they where parents who actually gave a damn about their kids. But Hank, they are throwing a party for their kids! Of course they care! Bull fracking shit. Any parent can throw money at some place and tell them to make their kid happy, but a true parent will not only care about the well being of said kid(s), they will also want to personally make their kids happy. This friends, brings us back to these two parents. Both of these parents where a shining example of what parents should be.

  • Right off the bat they were all about their kids, they wanted the best for them, they wanted everything to be perfect for them, they stayed with their kids at all times to make sure they were ok, oh and they both made a really awesome cake for their kids. 
  • They both did not have a problem telling their kids to have some fracking manners. They allowed their kids to be kids while still keeping them within the boundaries of safety rules. Even better they where not complete asses about it. How fracking cool is that? How fracking AMAZING is that? 
  • Their main focus was on their children and they just wanted their kids to be happy. They knew and did keep their kids in line, and where present during all of it. No kids trying to break the glass, no kids dancing on the tables and the parents trying to sue us for it. No idiots kids walking away because the parents left, no parents trying to make their kids sick and blame us for it, no dumbass parent wanting a full refund because they left with their kid early and he didn't get a milkshake, just well behaved and awesome kids and parents.
I cannot say this enough, these two parents are a shining example of what parents should be. No blaming shit on other people, no standing outside smoking up a storm saying how hard life is, no freaking out because your kid got lost after leaving them along for a hour. These where parents that knew who they where and how to properly treat and care for their kids.

So amazing, so amazing it hurts.

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