Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rambling of a Working Man: Some place to start, right?

No matter what field of work you are in my Working Class brother or sister, be it in the office building, a stall at the local mall, Best Buy or Walmart, even a game room with hordes of children or street corner doing… whatever it is you do, there is always that one thing that pisses us all off. The customer, source of all evil (and income) for our way of life. From pure idiotic actions and sayings you wonder how they continue to reproduce. Ramblings of a Working Guy talks about the various "joyful" events these idiots give us.


Despite the races of ape’s best efforts, the whole of the human race still exists within the natural cycle. We can be cruel and destructive like the raging unrelenting storm, yet loving and caring like the spring in bloom. Two completely different sides of the very same coin. With a wide range of moods, ideas, and beliefs, it's amazing we have lived together this long. Have you ever worked with people? Answering phones, taking and asking questions, or even general customer care? From constant nonsense rambling, to the constant put down and belitting, one wonders how the job department continues on… If this wasn't bad enough for my fellow workers, there is the one customer that takes this all to a whole new level. The idiot. While some of their childish unintelligent crap and be amusing at times to watch, most of the time they just leave you with a headache.  This series of the book of stories is to share with you some for the just wonderful stories I have from work.

And so, I would like to share some of these with you now.

·         A personal favorite of mine is the customer with the “I’m the center of everything” attitude.  While it’s cool and all to have a nice opinion of yourself, snapping your fingers demanding immediate service is just rude. Even more so where there are families ahead.
·         When working with customers of any age, we are taught to always be on our best behavior.  Always smile and always be pleasant, even if you have to fake it. As such, we often say “thanks” and “you're welcome” when done with a customer. One person actually took offense to this, that’s right they took offense to our manners. She went about babbling about how she didn’t say thank you, nor would she ever to such a raciest group of people. Her reasoning was she didn't get a discount for being black. Really the race card?
·         When helping a customer, as well as the stated above, it is recommend to always keep eye contact with them. This is difficult to do when the customer tells you to wait while they talk on the cell phone. Bonus points if there is a line behind them.
·         I was trying to find some nice way to put this, but I really couldn’t. Some complete and total waste of flesh, had the audacity to yell in the middle of the game room, while the room full of kids, “Santa Clause is total bs he’s fake!”. You can tell this greatly displeased me.

·         Many parents these days have some pretty silly ideas on what parenting is. One such incident occurred when two parents, who I assume where just tired from carrying their kid around placed the kid carriage on top of a arcade games.  Let me say this again, these parents placed their baby carriage (with baby still in it) on top of a game.  Ok, so maybe there is no need to freak out, right? Needed to rest your arm for a second? I’m ok with that, but then proceed to walk away and play the games for a good solid hour while ignoring repeated request to retrieve their baby? Not cool.
·         Mostly on the weekends we host birthday parties in groups of ten and more. While we expect some craziness to happen (10+ kids, it just happens), we also expect some level of competence from the parents. While hosting one of said birthday parties, five grown adults are unable to watch ONE child. When the parents noticed, you can imagine how well it went over.
·         If the above instance wasn’t enough, another mother from the same party lost her child! The child was found fifteen mins later in the golf course. 
·         Having placed a dozen signs around the game room with our dress and conduct policy, you would think at least a glimmer of civility would be present. But no… Being rather amused with themselves, a group of brain dead teens threw a basket ball so hard that it shatters a token machine light. To make matters worse, the basket ball then comes flying down the stairs and hits an old lady in the head. I wonder if he found it equally amusing while he was being escorted out of the building by police, and later receiving a nice bill.
·         A pack of idiot’s kids, being attended to by a equally brain dead adult, consistently runs head first into the glass by the upstairs party room. When asked why such a thing could be permitted by the adult, he responded “because it's funny and they wanted to see if they break it”.
·         When confronted with the fact Chuckie Cheese tokens should not be used at my work place (because you know, they didn’t actually pay for anything) I was once told to “f*** you, I can do what I want". They threaten to call the police and sue when I ripped up their ticket slip.

Think about it first:
·         While not as frequent as it used to be, I am still amused when I hear some raging customer claim they are a close personal friend of an elected official. More often than not, it’s the mayor.
·         How anyone could think this was a good idea, but actually trying to have sex in the game room. Bonus points when I find their used condoms >_>
·         Here is another keeper. Three idiots enter golf course while no one is back there to babysit. Our golf course can be left unattended for a number of reasons, mostly because someone called out, or lack of proper payroll. So since there is no one to babysit the kids, they proceed to turn said golf course into a skater park. Needless to say, their skill was somewhat lacking and they hurt themselves pretty bad. Even worse pictures of said even where not taken in time.
·         One of the worse things a customer service person can be told is “You just hate me because I'm colored."  As I said before, the time for the race card has ended. We are not “hatin” on race, we are hating on the fact you did something so frigging bat shit stupid we now have to take a good deal of time to fix it.
·         In our 18 hole golf course, there are sixe ponds. Some creative customers at times have used them as one would use a swimming pool. Sure while not the brightest idea ever, it’s still kinda neat on a hotter than hell day. However someone trying to use them as a washing machine is not as exciting.... no this really happened.
·         You would think a mother with a small child in her arms would be more cautions and generally less idiotic. But I guess not watching where one is going, and walking backwards in a game room is a good idea...
·         One day (I’m pretty sure it was a weekend) we had a rather loud mother (like passing train volume setting) state that since it was her child's birthday, when does she get 500 free tokens? Becoming deeply depressed from the fact that this was just a lie she made up and was called out on it, she did the only thing a mature person could do. She told her chilren to repeatedly hurt themselves in an attempt to get free tokens out of me. This included; banging their head against the showcase, going under the grid in skee ball and pretending they couldn't get out, running into the party room door, and climbing up onto games and jumping off. The mother was quite bothered when this lame attempt didn't work, and even called our customer line about it.
·         This idiot must have really wanted the ipod we had in the display case, because he tried to steal it. Only problem, he really tried to take the whole display case with him...

·         On a more amusing note, watching members of our customer base staring at our lighting for hours. This would because they are high as hell.
·         One of the more frightening moments would come from a person who flipped out because a group of teenagers attempted to steal a golf game. Instead of just saying “Yo this ant cool, kick them k?” the guy reenacts a graphic scene from Exorcist and takes a swing at me. 
·         Witnessing the miracle of birth, all over the golf course, by a bunch of cats. Then being told it was my fault it happened, and they will sue.
·         When selecting an item from the showcases, the customer will point, and not saying anything as to what you are pointing at and why. We are not mind readers.
·         After being caught breaking into a game (literally ripped the front door off) the teen went to say, when confronted with it, “But I'm black”......
·         Customer comes up the showcases, and asks “how much is that in the 10 point section?"
·         People insisting we take food orders at the game room counter, then further insisting they can use tickets to pay for said food.
·         Was very seriously asked if they could play golf. In the winter. When there was snow on the ground.
·         A customer, after being told they simply cannot walk out with our decorations, “Well f*** you, thanks for ruining a 3 year old's Christmas!”

You know, I think I'm going to end this little rant with this:

I find it extremely indicative of the mire that society has sunk into. But not just society, but people themselves. People don't have to be this way ... They act this way because they WANT to act this way. They want to be rude, insensitive, selfish, vulgar and much more, because no one is ever held accountable for their actions anymore. It's become a "do whatever you want" society, with no care about how your actions affect anyone else, because no one is being told they should! We're inundated with a "just do it" mentality, step on everyone you have to, to get that almighty dollar or whatever else you want. We live in a society filled with selfish, self-absorbed wastes of oxygen because no one is calling an idiot an idiot.

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