Monday, December 27, 2010

Ramblings of a Working Guy: Just a few things that piss me off...

No matter what field of work you are in my Working Class brother or sister, be it in the office building, a stall at the local mall, Best Buy or Walmart, even a game room with hordes of children or street corner doing… whatever it is you do, there is always that one thing that pisses us all off. The customer, source of all evil (and income) for our way of life. From pure idiotic actions and sayings you wonder how they continue to reproduce. Ramblings of a Working Guy talks about the various "joyful" events these idiots give us.

And here we go again...

·         When in any kind of work that requires you to work with other people, you quickly learn that once you clock in, you’re nothing but trash to customers. Granted, not all customers are like this, but MANY are. When one clocks in, it seems some strange Doctor Hykle transformation takes place where it becomes acceptable to be looked down upon. Eye contact and manners are also something we are not allowed to get.
·         Depending on what needs to be done, you can often find me sitting in front of game tinkering with it. This is mostly a convenience to myself since I’ll probably have to climb inside a game for a little fix. It also help me line up with everything so I don’t have to bend and reshape myself. Every single time I do this, I get some half wit mouth breather who will kick, shove, or complain till I move. A bit much you say? Trying getting kicked by a “personal friend of the mayor who can’t be bothered to go another way” or my personal favorite “GET OUT OF MY WAY I PAY YOUR SALERY!” 
·         Word’s like “please” and “thank you” are a myth you heard about once.ccccc

·         A reacurring theme I have, Parents need to learn to f****** play. And by play, I mean be a parent or keep their pants zipped.  Seriously, just because this is a game room, does not mean responsibility can be forgone. These type of customers need to learn that, as an adult and parent to these children, it is THEIR responsibility to assure they are well cared for, to see that their (real) needs are met, that they are raised properly and have a bright future. Leaving a five year old child alone in a full building/room to leave and talk with your friends is never a good idea. Just because said parent refuses to watch their spawn, refuses to follow simple safety rules, and would let their kids die for more tickets (yes this happened to me once) the people behind the counter suddenly become the bad guys.
·         A bunch of idiotic people who think they are cool with golf clubs. I’ll leave it to you to guess what happened.

Think about it first:
·         Attitude. Yea I can see your face squirm already. No matter what job you have, at some point you get some form of attitude. Over abundance of self worth, center of the universe, me me me me people, sometimes you wonder how this world got anywhere with people like this. My best (and often times enjoyable) way of handling this is to ask them "now if I did that to you, what you did to me, how would you act?" Let me tell you, the dirty looks are priceless. Other times, which happens a great deal more than I approve of, you just get more attitude. I apologize customer, but I regret to inform you, you are not special, the world does not owe you, and you really just need to stfu.
·         Entitlement. I hate this word. I hate it so much, I want to tie it up,  punch it for 20 mins, shot it on the face, cut it into little pieces,  put it threw a meat grinder, bury it, and piss on it's grave! Because of this word, people have this funny notion that every little bleeding thing belongs to them, and everyone else is scum or less.  Spending a dollar does not entile you to everything and the world, you are not a special snow flake.

·         A parent tried to sue because they lost their child while playing in the game room. When the cops asked what happened, the parent was to busy on her cell phone claiming about the poor service she got. The kid was later found down the street.


End today's rant.

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